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Jake Paul has been warned that his downfall is being plotted by Floyd Mayweather, who is sharing the secrets of his greatness with Tyron Woodley.

YouTuber-turned-boxer Paul fights former UFC champion Woodley on Sunday night aiming to extend his record to 4-0 in his most difficult test yet.

Woodley said: “The times I worked with Floyd [Mayweather], he was very vocal. You couldn’t do nothing wrong. And that’s what makes him so great.

Jake Paul
Jake Paul is in his toughest fight yet

“In MMA we over-do it a lot, but it doesn’t always transition into power. It doesn’t always transition into accuracy.

“He gave me the foundation of how he beat everyone he did.”

Paul said: “Tyron said he’s training like he’s fighting Mike Tyson. Mayweather is training him and you can tell he’s in shape. He’s got the six-pack back. He’s looking good. He’s not messing around.

“This is his biggest fight ever and the whole MMA community is counting on him to represent them and to get the ‘W’. Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen.

Tyron Woodley
Tyron Woodley is a former UFC champion

“And when I beat him, there will be no excuses because he was being trained by Mayweather.

“Because Jorge Masvidal said he was going to knock me out. Because he took this camp and had a 14-week camp. He has no excuses.

“I love boxing. I fell in love with it. There’s something about knocking someone out and cracking someone in the face.

“My whole life has been a fight. I never got anything handed to me so I feel like I’m at home. I feel like I was put on this earth to fight. And I like challenges. I’m driven by challenges.”

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Tommy Fury vows to make a name for himself

Tommy Fury, the younger brother of the WBC heavyweight champion, will fight Anthony Taylor on the undercard and said: “This is my first fight in the US.

“But I’m used to it, it’s not my first rodeo because since I was a young kid I watched Tyson fight Wladimir Klitschko and I’ve always been there on fight week and watched how he handled himself on fight week and thought when my time comes, which is now, I’m going to do the exact same thing.

“So I flew my team out here and we do what Tyson did, and it’s easy work.

Daniel Dubois
Daniel Dubois aims to make a heavyweight impact

“To be a Fury you grow up to be a fighter, and there’s nothing else. It’s fight, fight, fight. As a kid, you don’t do nothing else. It’s fight, fight, fight. And that’s all I’ve done my entire life. I’ve been around fighters. Everyone in my family does it and now it’s my time.

“I don’t feel one bit of pressure because there’s only pressure when you try to live up to somebody. I’ve said this time and time again there will never ever be another Tyson Fury. No one will ever come close. I’m only trying to do the best I can do. And as long as I’m being the best version of Tommy Fury, I don’t care about anything else. I’m only trying to do the best that I can do.”

Heavyweight Daniel Dubois said before fighting Joe Cusumano: “I’m 23, so with that loss [to Joe Joyce] I have just gotten stronger. I’ve had to learn to tighten up my game and that I have flaws, so I’ve just been working on that. This is going to be like my debut.

“I’m full of confidence and I’m ready to go right now. I can make this fight as easy as I want it to be in my opinion. I’m the next one coming through. I’m destined to be a world champion, that’s my goal.”

Amanda Serrano
Amanda Serrano defends her world titles

Amanda Serrano said before facing Yamileth Mercado: “I am going to make sure I steal the spotlight from him and entice people to enjoy female boxing and to understand that women can fight and put on shows, and showcase that we’re deserving of this opportunity.”

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